What’s food, Internet? (September 2023) [Image Intensive] [CW: Food/Alcohol]

Food! What else so effortlessly captures the Waypoint spirit of “being good” and “being good at (what) it (does)?” Food is something that we all have some unique relationship with, and can be just as fun to learn about as it is tasty to eat. And as Waypoint is an international community, I’m sure you’re likely to come across something you’ve never seen before that you’d want to try yourself. So with that, I ask:

What are you cooking/eating?

Use this thread to share whatever yummy culinary creations you’re currently consuming. Whether you’re trying out a new recipe, making a homemade family classic, or just throwing something quick and dirty together for a Thursday night meal, feel free to share it here!

While posting, please keep in mind the following:

  • We ask that you please use the ‘Hide Details’ feature for your pictures as a courtesy to others, allowing people to opt into a particular cuisine.


  • Please include content warnings if the content could warrant a warning for particularly sensitive topics (i.e. Alcohol)

It’s been a busy August so I haven’t had as much time to post things.

A B.L.T.


When we moved into our house about two years ago, it was the first time we had a small dedicated garden space in the yard. Before that it was all attempting to grow things in pots which never really works the way you hope. I am also firmly in the “fuck around and find out” school of gardening technique which means I just plant a bunch of shit and see what happens. As you can imagine, my results are mediocre, but I also put in a minimum of time and effort so I don’t get salty about it.

This year is the first year of actual results. I had a lot of really nice lettuce come in before bunnies hard their way with it, the carrots were doing well until I left for a week on vacation and the tomato plants crowded their area and starved them of all sunlight, but the tomato plants actually did fairly well. I made the mistake of underestimating how big they would get and had to replace the stakes I tied them to twice as they kept bowing them down. Next year I’ll go with a cage and I’ll plant them earlier in the season. Regardless, this is the first year I’m getting actually decent tomatoes, and I’m happy as well as mildly surprised. I decided to use the first one for something simple and tomato forward. I’m saving a few of the bigger ones for a caprese at some point.

Now to see if any of these gigantic watermelon vines invading half of my back yard actually do anything…


went to byblos for a late dinner last night, with a bunch of friends i hadn’t seen in a while.

lovely walk through the plateau at sunset, then just incredible service & incredible food. we ended up closing out the place.


calm lil' tree-lined street

assorted apps: garlic yogurts, eggplant & fresh herb purées, green beans, pita

meat, lamb, & chicken main dishes (cw alc)

assorted desserts (cw alc)


Get yourself some crepes that can do both


Using some more of my tomatoes and taking advantage of the last tail of peach season.


Went to Disney World’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival for the first time and got some pretty good eats (and drinks!)

Some highlights!

From Mexico: Taco de Costilla (also had the Fly Away Margarita which was solid)


From India: Potato and Pea Samosas (very delicious, a little spicier than I expected; proooobably didn’t help that I was eating this in the 95°F Florida heat lol)


From Germany: Bratwurst on Pretzel Roll + Schöfferhofer Prickly Pear Hefeweizen (The Bratwurst was alright, but the beer was one of my favorite things I drank that day)

Germany cw: alcohol

From Italy: Look, it is the Food and Wine Festival alright :innocent:? From the actual food booth, I got the Italian Margarita. There was another side booth serving just various other drinks, and my friends and I tried their Moscato, Limencello Spritzer, and Rosé. I think we all voted the Moscato as our favorite.

Italy cw: alcohol

From Japan: Beef Wa-Gyu Don + Sake Passion cocktail

Japan cw: alcohol


Shrimp etouffee.


Today was the first morning I genuinely felt fall in the air and fall is the time of good rib sticking comfort food. I went with a peanut butter roux instead of a darker brick for two reasons. First the more you push it the more likely you are to break it and have to start all over again, and second using butter instead of oil the darker it gets the more bitter notes you get and sometimes it goes too far and overwhelms the overall flavor.

An etouffee is a relatively easy thing to make, it’s just takes a little while and you can’t really turn your back on it for half of the time unless you want a broken roux.


god i love a good cozy étouffée

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