What’s Your Favorite Airplane Game?

‘Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’ kept me smiling on a recent flight.

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Doug Dug

And Duet

Are two games that can just eat up time for me on a plane. Or anywhere else for that matter.

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My favorite game is “try and secure at least one armrest.”

I’m not very good.


I took a couple long flights when I was really into Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, that helped pass the time. Once I actually teamed up with another guy on the plane to take out some G2 quests!

I feel like I would LOVE ‘Mario + Rabbids’ for a plane ride, my two all-time favorite plane games are ‘Bowser’s Inside Story’ and ‘Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.’

This is almost cheating because it’s one of my favorite anywhere games, but Breath of the Wild has been great on flights this year. I totally get lost in exploring canyons and mountains and when the plane starts descending I hope it takes longer so I can reach a new milestone before I have to pack up.

Previously, Fantasy Life was a great, chill plane game. Grinding up some skills or moving to the next town were a great way to eat up plane time.

Dwarf Fortress. Yes, I know, but it makes the person sitting next to you think you’re some kind of 1337 hax0r. It’s also a nice timing challenge, “Can I keep a fortress alive from JFK to LAX?” No. The answer is no.

I thought it was going to be “Airplane” as games with planes, and I was going to say Pilot Wings! But…I digress, I realize that’s not quite what we were looking for.

Recently its been Zelda on the Switch. Over time I’ve played a lot of various games on my iPhone.

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Peggle has and always been my favorite plane game, but I usually prefer to read on planes than to play games.

Bard mode on Crypt of the Necrodancer. Of course, it’s useless to attempt PBs of any kind unless you actually have the wifi, but it’s chill and very zone-y.

Recently had a trip to Spain with my Switch, excited to use it for it’s intended purpose. Flight there I was playing a whole bunch of things, from Blaster Master to Fate Extella(just pretend I used the correct punctuation in it’s dumbass name). Flight back I played Sonic Mania and Knuckles solidly for the whole thing, and got as far as the very end of Oil Ocean Zone Act 2. So there’s my answer. Belting.

Having only just recently got a switch (and not flown with it yet), my previous flights have been very iPad centric. Note that living in the UK, with family in NZ, my flights are usually 26h+, (an outlier here I suspect). Being over 30, my days of 26h gaming sessions are behind me, so I usually will play a decent iPad game for a couple of hours, and try to catch up on as many movies as I can (6 is my rough average per flight). Some of those games in the past have been Bastion, FTL, Papers Please! (I like the thematic relevance of this one), Don’t Starve Pocket Edition, Monument Valley, etc.

My next big flight with the switch will probably include having to take care of a child under 1 yr old, so I’m not sure how much gaming time I’ll actually get… hehe.

I’m interested in how people deal with device charges on really long flights. Actual power in seats? (still surprisingly limited on the international flights I take). I’ve got a nice big Anker powerbank with USB-C, but haven’t tested whether it can keep up with the switch battery discharge yet.

Ingenious. Already I am looking forward to my next trip.

I feel like I would LOVE ‘Mario + Rabbids’ for a plane ride

Yup! It’s good for the subway, too. Excellent use of that hardware.

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I don’t get to fly on planes that often, but I can totally strongly recommend Pokémon games for long flights. While the novelty may have worn off quickly if I’d had to take a third flight, playing Alpha Sapphire, my first Pokémon game since Soul Silver, made my London-D.C. flight go by like a breeze. I don’t know if it’s quite so cerebral a game that it would distract me from a panic attack, but it made my first flight in, well, a decade-plus or so much easier.

Tetris. I can get lost in Tetris for hours. Maybe days…

I don’t fly often, and only recently got a Switch, so my gaming on airplanes has been whatever game I can get on my iphone that doesn’t require an internet connection, which is a bit of a rarity these days. Nimblebit was a great developer for this in my opinion, and their Tiny Tower / Pocket Planes / Pocket Trains / Pocket Quest / Disco Zoo games were a hoot and kept me occupied long enough and didn’t require too much focus and attention, which is a little harder for me on flights.

im a bit more of a fan of simulators. im working on this game called tower 3d pro, trailer is below so let me know what you think:

Taking this question a different way, I’d say that Jazzpunk is by far the best implementation of the sort of absurdist humor you’d want in a hypothetical game based on “Airplane!” (the movie)

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When I was flying back and forth between Florida and Missouri frequently for about a year (college in florida, family in Missouri) I got to try out a looooot of games on an airplane. And then when I was doing school in Kansas City I took the train back and forth from there to St. Louis a lot too. I’ve got Travel Gaming Experience.

The best ones were consistently Pokémon. Easy to sink a ton of time into those, and the flight will just speed by.

Chrono Trigger on the DS was also good, but I’ve played it so many times now on so many different platforms that the story is all skip-the-text for me. If it’s your first time I don’t recommend it.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops was also great. The modular nature of the game lets you focus on a lot of different things and keeps the experience interesting.

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D is also a great portable in-flight experience.

Xcom: Enemy Unknown/Within is also great! This is available on tablets and phones, and I’m not sure a lot of people realize that, but it’s the full console/PC title. Nothing’s missing. Just scaled down graphically a bit. Great immersive game to play while flying or on the train.

Something you don’t want to take with you? Sonic games. Unless you’re trying to grind out time trials, don’t do it. They won’t keep your attention long enough. 2D, 3D, doesn’t matter. They just don’t feel good for long sessions.