What Video Games Would Look Like Without E3

We had so many E3 questions we decided to split our recording on Tuesday into two podcasts so we could do a real deep dive into what you wanted to know about this year's show. We dig into how inspiration can take many forms in game development, games that have purposefully tackled political issues in the past, our personal histories with E3, and what the future of the expo might hold. Patrick checks back in with more info on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and shares a few anecdotes from his interview with the developers. Austin Googles what Fall Guys is, and digs into the political readings of being able to recruit literally anyone in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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There will always be an E3, it’ll just be Geoff Keighley in a parking lot with a couch talking to developers. A little twinkle in his eye as he’s about to drop an exclusive. Geoff Keighley will be Ganta whether you want him to be or not.