Why Capcom Brought Creepy Spiders Back to Monster Hunter

The whole point of Capcom's Monster Hunter series is to fight screen-filling creatures of all shapes and sizes, but for the most part, those creatures aren't spiders (or spider-like). The one exception is the enemy Nerscylla, who debuted in Monster Hunter 4 but was nowhere to be found in Monster Hunter World. There is, of course, a reasonable explanation for this: spiders are creepy. Worth of respect? Sure, but from a distance—a long distance. And who wants to fight a giant spider over and over again for more weapon and armor parts? Not me.

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… if you have honey in your inventory, and if the bear-like monster Arzuros attacks with a certain move, he will take your honey away. We’ve added an animation where Arzuros will start eating the stolen honey on the spot and he won’t care to look at the hunter.

Genuinely love the weird little details the development team always includes in these games.